Sahrawi Media Activists, Outlets, and Networks

Creators and distributors of videos documenting human rights abuses and activism in Western Sahara are listed below. These sources range from news outlets to individual activists, domestic organizations to international NGOs.

As channels are constantly emerging and evolving, this is not a comprehensive list, and each source has its own standards for the footage it shares. If there is an online source of videos from Western Sahara that should be added to this list, a broken link, or further information about the sources below, send an email to watchingwesternsahara [at] gmail [dot] com. You can see the full list of sources whose videos have been curated on Watching Western Sahara by clicking on the Source page.

Equipe Media – a Laayoune-based independent news outlet that is active through the entire territory, documenting protests, investigations and international discussions of the Moroccan occupation. See video footage from Equipe Media on their YouTube channel.

Saharawi Center for Media and Communication – a Laayoune-based publication documenting protests in Laayoune and Smara with activist testimony. See video footage from Saharawi CMC on their YouTube channel.

Saharawi Voice – an organization dedicated to sharing the stories of Saharawi communities living in refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria. See video footage from Saharawi Voice on their YouTube channel.

Adala UK – a NGO based in the United Kingdom which gathers evidence of human rights violations and testimonies in Western Sahara for awareness, documentation and advocacy purposes. Its website provides news on human rights in the occupied territory, often including video and photos.

Unemployed Sahrawi Postgraduates' Coordination in Laayoune – An organizing body of Sahrawi activists based in Laayoune and frequent filmer of protests and human rights violations, especially regarding discrimination in educational opportunities and hiring practices. See video footage from Unemployed Sahrawi Postgraduates’ Coordination in Laayoune on its YouTube channel.

Sahrawi Unemployed Union of Boujdour - An organizing body of Sahrawi activists based in the city of Boujdour. It regularly posts videos of protests to its Facebook page.

Western Sahara News Around the Clock – A news publication which documents hunger strikes, protest marches, arrests and criminal proceedings, and discussions pertaining to Western Sahara within diplomatic and UN relations. See video footage from Western Sahara News Around the Clock on its YouTube channel (link updated from older channel that appears to be no longer in use).

Sahara24 News– A Gleymim and Morocco-based network focusing on creating and aggregating news human rights content, especially related to resource extraction. See video footage from Sahara24 News on its YouTube channel.

Western Sahara Resource Watch – An international NGO described as a coalition of organizations and individuals working for the protection of natural resources in Western Sahara. It occasionally posts footage related to resource extraction on its YouTube channel.

RASD TV – A Spanish-Arabic language news source affiliated with the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (RASD), featuring interviews and footage from the occuppied territory and the Tindouf refugee camps. See video footage from RASD TV on its YouTube channel.

Dakhla News - A news source based in Dakhla, a city in the southwestern region of Western Sahara, featuring coverage of protests, MINRUSO, and police brutality investigations. See video footage from Dakhla News on its YouTube channel.